6 Tips To Help Your Dog Live For More Years


Dachshund is 29 years old has passed away in 2019 peacefully at his owner’s house he had recently recognized as the world ‘s oldest living dog.

He is an abnormal dog because no dog had ever lived more years like him, because dogs in his kind live only 12 or 13 years.

His owner has stated that he didn’t treat him as the same dogs, but she has tried her best to keep him in good shape and health for 29 years old.

We can’t guaranty that your puppy or dog is going to live 29 old years  as Max, however  we will give you six steps that will help him stay in a good shape, as well as to live more years , so you can stay with your best friend for many years , however you can apply the following steps to any kind of dogs.


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