Top 10 Longest Suspension Bridges in the world


Earlier in the 1400s, some Japanese thought of constructing of an engineering wonder that could not only make it possible to move but be a miracle of its kind. Unfortunately, the dream was fulfilled in the 1800s, and the first hanging bridge was built.
Here is the listing of the top ten Longest Hanging Bridges in the world, according to their main span, just for you.
1.Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Kobe, Japan (6,532 feet)

It is longest suspension bridge, with a length of almost four km. This bridge is an engineering achievement that is yet to be paralleled. The Akashi-Kaikyo connects the beautiful Awaji Island to Japanese city of Kobe. Bridge has a span of almost two kilometers. It also has a succession of observation hallways below, for those people who desire to see the construction. These hallways are usually called the Maiko Marine Promenade.
How to reach:
To get to Kobe, you can fly  to Tokyo and then a high-speed train  to Kobe. The train trip takes three hours max but may be pricey for some. In addition, you can take an overnight bus to Kobe for a lesser amount. The bridge is a small walk from the JR Santo Line in Kobe.

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  1. How are the bridges measured? For example the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California is 8,981 feet. This makes it obvious that how the bridge length is measured will affect the outcome of your list of 10 longest bridges. But no matter how the bridges are measured they are all beautiful.

  2. You better look into the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan. It is the longest Suspension in the Western Hemisphere. The length of the suspension bridge (Including anchorages) is 8,614 ft.
    It is currently the third largest in the world. 1. Akashi Kaikyo in Japan at 12,826 Ft. 2. Great Belt Bridge in Denmark at 8, 921 ft. making the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan is 8,614 ft, however the total length including the causeways is 26,372 feet.

  3. Apparently, the authors of this piece either failed to do much research or do not believe the State of Michigan is in this world as the Suspension Bridge Portion of the Mackinac Bridge connecting Michigan’s lower and upper peninsulas is over 8,000 ft in length and not in their list.

  4. Who wrote the text for #9 ? Some of it makes no sense at all. e.g.  » This bridge should not be if you plan to endeavour to the Turkish Capital anytime soon. » or « The bridge was given to the public access during the worthy presence of dignitaries from a variety of countries.


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