Top 10 safest airlines in the world for 2020


Commercial aviation is widely regarded as one of the safest forms of travel. Despite some recent horrific events (e.g. the downing of the Ukraine International Airlines plane in Iran and the two Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashes in 2018), airline accidents have been on a consistent global decline since more than 30 years, thanks to strict regulations and rigorous standards in the aviation industry. That said, some airlines are still better performing than others when it comes to safety standards, and that’s why the Australia-based aviation analysis website produces each year a list of safest airlines in the world after monitoring more than 400 airlines. In making its evaluation of the safest airlines in the world, takes into account a comprehensive range of factors that include: audits from aviation’s governing and industry bodies, government audits, airline’s crash and serious incident record, profitability, industry-leading safety initiatives, and fleet age. Here’s which airlines the website believes to be the safest in the skies this year; all of these airlines are standouts in the industry and are at the forefront of safety, innovation, and launching of new aircraft.

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Virgin Australia, the Australian spinoff of Sir Richard Branson’s global aviation empire, was launched in 1999 as a low-cost carrier called Virgin Blue. In 2012, Virgin Blue re-branded and repositioned from a low-cost airline to a full service airline, now called Virgin Australia. This included the introduction of a new aircraft livery, new uniforms, new on board menu options, and the acquisition of new wide-body aircraft to compete with Qantas. Virgin Australia is now the second largest airline in the Australian market, flying passengers to 40 domestic destinations and to more than 450 destinations worldwide. The airline has no fatal crashes in its history.

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