It’s that time of year again – 2019 is coming to an end and we are all starting to think about where we would like to travel next year. But while there are loads of countries which regularly top lists of places you should travel this year, it seems that the same ones come up year after year. What if you want to travel somewhere completely different, somewhere that when you tell people where you are going, they say ‘where?!’ It might feel like the world has got a lot smaller in recent years and that it is really hard to find places off-the-beaten-path, but if you are searching for somewhere unique for your vacation next year, you will be pleased to know that there are some corners of the world which still receive relatively few visitors, making them perfect for an original holiday. If you need some ideas, here’s the ultimate list of unusual destinations for 2020.


The Algarve has long attracted visitors from around the globe, with its wonderful all-year-round climate and stunning beaches, to the point where at certain times it feels like the area is completely overrun with tourists. However, if you continue to the very tip of south-west Portugal, you will discover the Costa Vicentina, a relatively untouched part of the country, ideal for those looking for somewhere more peaceful for their 2020 vacation.

Considered to be the wild west of Portugal, here you will find long stretches of pristine beaches, untamed vegetation, and dramatic cliffs. Due to its protected status as a national park, there has been very little development in the Costa Vicentina, with the area’s few towns staying traditional to Portuguese culture; you will not find any huge hotel resorts here. If you are into surfing, the Costa Vicentina offers some of the best in the country, plus it is a fabulous region to visit if you are interested in flora and fauna. The national park is home to an abundance of plant life, including 48 species which can only be found in Portugal, as well as over 200 bird species, foxes, otters, and wildcats.

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